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A design destination that honours heritage, quality, timelessness, creativity and exceptional craftsmanship above all. Because these, we believe, are the ingredients to a style that endures.


We're reimagining your online shopping experience and the way you find what you desire. No more endlessly browsing through search engines to find your dream pieces and trustworthy sellers. No more fake and "not as described" products. No more careless packaging and frustrating customer service. Meet Gestreon, the only platform that connects discerning customers with the world’s most elite and experienced luxury resellers, including boutiques, private collections and personal shoppers, and elevates your shopping experience to a new level.


Gestreon is the safest marketplace platform for luxury resale

An estimated 80% of luxury consumers have handled fake or falsified goods, with or without their knowledge. The industry-wide problem inspired Gestreon's founder, who was once a victim of counterfeit crime, to build the safest platform for luxury resale.

Unlike other online marketplaces, Gestreon's seller partners are recruited via invitation and application only. We rigorously vet all sellers before admitting them into our network of trusted partners, who with pride and expertise, stand for the authenticity of their products. Our in-house experts, with the extra help of technology, review and inspect each and every submission prior to listing to further ensure the integrity of our products. On top of that, items sourced by individual sellers go through further independent authentication and quality control before arriving at our customers' hand.

Together, we’re creating a centralised online fashion ecosystem that is safe, secure, ultra-efficient and better for our planet.



Buy less, invest better. We showcase only the internet's finest selection of luxury fashion, pre-owned or new, past season or present, carefully hand-picked by our expert curators from hundreds of subimissions everyday.


Know exactly what you want? Timeless, collectible, most-coveted and investment pieces that stand the test of time, unbeatable condition and price, available to search at one click.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Rare, hard-to-find or sold-out pieces? Make a request via Live Chat, WhatsApp, Email or DMs and our concierge team will help source any item on your wish list.


Gestreon offers unmatched shopping experience for preloved and vintage fine fashion

The Gestreon's founding value is to help minimise the environmental and social impacts of fashion overproduction. How do we do it? By endorsing timeless looks, elevating seasonless silhouettes, promoting and normalising preloved purchases, and prolonging the life of archival pieces. Our commitment to supporting the lifecycle of iconic pieces is rivalled only by our passion for showcasing the talent and vision of emerging designers and lesser-known luxury brands.


"A collection of precious objects, especially works of art and items of historical value that is looked after very carefully and cherished"

Beyond extraordinary designs and fashion styles, Gestreon is invested in the promotion of culture, history, education and creativity. For us, fashion is a matter of intellect and emotion, of heritage and innovation. That's why we go to great lengths to educate our community about iconic design stories, noteworthy designers, styling and care guides, materials and craftmanship, investment tips and so much more, through our daily journals on our Instagram.

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