What Sustainability Means To Us

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At Gestreon, we envision sustainability as a chain of four interdependent links.

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Every piece we carry has a story to tell and a journey to live. Curious by nature, we go to great lengths to convey the rich histories, narratives and inspirations behind our selection in the confidence that, the more one knows about a piece of fashion, the better they care for it.

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In supporting the lifecycle of timeless designs, our aim is to help reduce demand for new pieces and ease the environmental and social impacts of fashion overproduction. We believe the world is already teeming with treasures and we’re making them visible for all to see and love.

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Gestreon is an ecosystem where consignment and vintage boutiques everywhere can connect with a global customer base; where elite brands and emerging designers can showcase their archive collections; and where circularity happens as naturally as gravity.

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Ultimately, sustainability is all about paving a beautiful way forward for future generations. We take this duty very seriously. Our platform uses the most advanced digital technologies to simplify luxury resale so that generations to come can enjoy the riches of generations past.



We’ve thought long and hard about how to minimise wasteful, unnecessary packaging while still offering a unique unboxing experience.

All Gestreon packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Made from certified sustainably forested wood and printed with water- and soy-based eco inks, our packaging is produced by select local suppliers who uphold strict sustainability standards such as a clean air policy.


We partner with DHL Green Logistics to offer carbon neutral shipping that relies solely on renewable energy sources. We also support carbon emission reduction projects to help mitigate climate change on a global scale.


It is very important to us to collaborate with partners who share similar values and commitments to sustainability. As a company, we prioritise staying up-to-date on sustainability best practices and to evolving our approach as needed over time.

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